Placing a Visual with Your Ad

Submitting Images for Classified Ads.

You can add impact to your Classified Ad with a photograph or graphic image.

The cost of displaying your visual with your ad is:

Open Rate
$15 for 90 days
$15 each additional 90 days
  With Cyber Credits
A $5 allowance is made for each fifty cyber credits earned - You pay $10 for 90 days and $10 for each additional 90 days when your payment is accompanied by fifty earned cyber credits.


(Images must be no more than 20k in size.)

Submitting Electronic Images

Submit your electronic image as an e-mail attachment to Please include in the e-mail the following information:

  • Your Important Shopper ID
  • Your Ad Tracking Number (displayed after you post your ad)
  • Duration for display of the image (90-day increments)
  • Credit card information:
      Cardholder Name
      Type of Card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
      Card Number
      Expiration Date
    If you wish to pay by check, tell us in your e-mail and mail your check to the address at the bottom of this page. Your image will be posted when your check is received.

    Don't Have an Electronic Image?

    We can scan your photograph for you. Simply mail the photograph with the information above to the address below. Our fee for scanning and creation of a web image is $5.00.

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