THE 10-10-25 Club!

Here's how the club works!

Simply form a shopping group composed of your friends to whom you would like to introduce this fine program.  The group can be composed of fellow PTA members, Booster Club members, your church group or lodge or any friends.

Simply send in their email addresses and the rest is handled by Cyberall.  You can enter their email addresses on our online entry forms right on this page. Be sure to enter your email address in the first entry box so that proper credits can be applied.  Then, enjoy visiting businesses listed on the Cyberall site. The more you visit, the more Cyber Credits you earn.

Example -The more you and your shopping club generate Cyber Credits, the greater the amount of gift certificates you earn from area firms.

And your favorite charity, church or any non profit group also benefits.  Any qualified non profit organization can refer members and whenever the referred member or friend earns Cyber Credits ten percent of the award equivalent is paid directly to the non profit group.


That's not all.  You benefit from the Cyber Credits generated by your shopping group.

If ten of your friends or referrals earn 25 Cyber Credits each and in a month together generate say 250 Cyber Credits, you receive a $5 gift certificate and if ten of their friends who are part of the total shopping group generate together say 1,000 Cyber Credits they benefit accordingly and you receive $20 in gift certificates. Of course the more Cyber Credits the group earns the greater the value of the gift certificates you receive. And your designated charity benefits as well.

Even though the earnings stop here, since the 10-10-25 club is a shopping club and not a multi level marketing scheme, you, your friends and your referred non profit group benefit both with cash rewards and valuable Cyber Credits and gift certificates.  Plus every week that you generate at least 50 Cyber Credits personally, you receive a bonus entry in the Winner's Circle where you stand a chance to win valuable prizes.  And you are never pressured and there is no membership fee or cost to participate. So why not get started today.

Just enter the email addresses of your friends. The Staff will invite them to sign up as important shoppers. They can Opt-out at any time. There is never any pressure of any kind. The privacy of all entries will be protected and your name will be mentioned ONLY as the referring party. It is recommended that 3 times the desired quota be referred to meet your goals with ease.


For a detailed list of where you can earn and spend cyber dollars. CLICK HERE!

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