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(a) The use of the terms "Smart Dollars", "Cyber Dollars" (Euro, Deutch Marks, Yen, Pesos or any other similar currency term used in countries outside the continental United States) is expressly forbidden.

(b) The offer of credits which may be applied toward payment of Internet Service Provider bills or similar allowances which can be used in kind for the same purposes in return for visiting or making purchase at World Wide Web site is expressly forbidden.

(c) The use of the term "Important Shopper Program" - "Cyber Dollars" - "Smart Dollars" in any shopping program either on the World Wide Web or elsewhere.

(d) The use of credits, programs or incentives substantially similar to those offered by United Services International on this web site is expressly prohibited and such use will be considered a violation of copyright protection.

(e)The use of electronically transmitted shopper IDs for use in assigning credits towards reduction of Internet Service Provider charges and the methodology used to support this program. This would include the placement of interactive logos inside a particular site to direct web traffic to the same.

(f) The use of direct remote interactive insertions of ad copy or listings in a directory format such as that shown on the Cyberall directory or substantially similar to the same is expressly forbidden as this feature is unique to the Cyberall format and covered by copyright claims. Interactive insertions of advertising copy in the same or a substantially similar format is expressly forbidden. This restriction has no impact on standard advertising entries whether direct or remote as long as such updates are not programmatic and applies only to entries in a format similar to that which appears on the site and Cyberall directories.

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Replication or substantial reproduction of the copyrighted marketing program utilizing Cyber Dollars, Cyber Credits, or the equivalent in international or U.S. markets is expressly forbidden. The process promoted on the Cyberall web site and through United Cyber Centers is part of a total program which provides cash and discount offers in the form of electronic currency - Cyber Dollars, Cyber Credits, or their equivalent, if a different name is used - convertible into in store and online discounts with attendant cash values. This process using the worldwide web and cyber cards or important shopper cards is unique to the industry and protection is claimed relative both to the terminology, format and process. The Cyberall site contents, programs and format are being included in a pending patent application.

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